Ryo Sanada - Yukimura Sanada

The Sanada Family, a reowned Samurai clan that didn't side with Tokugawa. Had regrouped and plotted against him in the mountains. For many years they stayed hidden there. Until one of Tokugawa's ninja assassinated the head of the samurai family and was forced to remerge before they planned. That left his son Yukimura Sanada as leader of the clan.

Yukimura had found out that Tokugawa had plans to attack Osaka Castle. If Tokugawa's plan succeeded it would eliminate Hideyori Toyotomi and end all hopes to Toyotomi clan had of getting back the Shogunate.

Toyotomi's clan had a vast army, but most were ronin. Who worked for nothing other than profit. Making them hard to rely on. So, he renounced his Samurai status and gathered a small renegade Ninja to aid the Toyotomi clan to defend his castle.

Sanada and his Ninja were successful in what is called as the 'Winter Campaign' at Osaka in 1615. He helped fortify the castle with barbican. That extended over the castle's moat. That housed hundreds of slots for firearms and special gates. That opened to drop heavy logs and stones on enemies that tried to take the castle.

To enhance advantage, Sanada dispatched one of his Ninja to sneak into Tokugawa's camp. Where the Ninja slipped a hallucinogenic drug into their food and water supplies. When Tokugawa's army attacked the next morning. They were easily repelled by the castles new defenses combined with the effects of the drug they were given.

However, in the 'Summer Campaign' of 1616. Tokugawa's forces were able to burn down the castle. Even with the Ninja and Samurai fighting side by side. Hideyori Toyotomi committed suicide and opposition fell. No one else dared to stand against him. Nothing is mentioned of Yukimura Sanada


1512 - Sanada Yukitaka is born.

1544 - Sanada Masayuki is born.

1561 - Sanada Masayuki participates in his first battle - the 4th battle of Kawanakajima.

1567 - Sanada Yukimura is born the second son of Mot Kihei (Sanada Masayuki) at Koufu, Kai province.

1574 - Sanada Yukitaka dies. Yukitaka's oldest son Nobutsuna takes control of the Sanada clan.

1575 - Sanada Nobutsuna is killed at the battle of Nagashino, and his younger brother Sanada Masayuki becomes head of the Sanada clan.

1580 - Sanada Masayuki takes Numata castle in Kozuke from the Hojo clan.

1582 - April - Sanada Masayuki sends a horse to Nobunaga as a gift

July - The Sanada allies with the Hojo clan. 2 months later they ally with the Tokugawa.

1583 - Sanada Masayuki constructs Ueda castle.

1585 - August - Tokugawa Ieyasu demands that Numata be returned to the Hj as part of a Tokugawa-Hj agreement signed that year. Masayuki refuses and defeats a Tokugawa army sent to chastise him near Ueda after recieving the assistance of Uesugi Kagekatsu. Masayuki makes peace with the Tokugawa by sending his son Nobuyuki as a hostage to Hamamatsu, and Sanada Yukimura is sent to the Uesugi's Kasugayama castle in Echigo as a hostage. Masayuki becomes a vassal of Hideyoshi. The Hj attempts to take Numata,which was held by Masayuki's uncle, Yasawa Yoritsuna, but fails.

1586 - Yukimura goes to Hideyoshi's Osaka castle as a hostage.

1590 - Sanada Masayuki, Nobuyuki, and Yukimura join in Hideyoshi's attack on Odawara castle.

1600 - October 12 - Tokugawa Hidetada lays siege to Sanada Masayuki's Ueda Castle (Shinano).

1608 - Sanada Masayuki dies.


Coat of Arms of Sanada

Yukimura. Rokumon-sen.

6 coins signify the Buddhist

philosophy - The Heaven, this

world, the world of Hunger,

the World of Anger, the World of

the Beasts, and the Hell.


?-1615. Yukimura was the leader of a minor house, the Sanada . He and his father Masayuki is famous for brilliant tactician. Though their army was very small, they won many outnumbered battles.

At first Yukimura followed Ieyasu . But Ieyasu tried to seize his territory, so he betrayed Ieyasu.

In the battle of Sekigahara in 1600, he followed Ishida Mitsunari to fight against Ieyasu. He defended castle Ueda in Shinshu from the vast army of Tokuyawa Hidetada , the son of Ieyasu.

After the battle, his territory was seized by Ieyasu. But he gathered his army secretly, and raised it when the Winter Battle of castle Osaka broke out in 1615.

Yukimura built a small fortress called Sanadamaru in the southwest of the Osaka Castle. The fortress was impregnable, the Ieyasu army suffered much loss. So Ieyasu gave up to destroy the castle in this battle, and proposed a reconcilation to Toyotomi Hideyori .

Of course, this was Ieyasu's insidious strategy. He proposed a condition for the reconcilation, to destroy the outer moat of the castle. But when his envoy came in the castle, they destroyed not only the outer moat but also the inner moat. Osaka Castle was made defenseless.

Next year, Ieyasu gathered vast armies, and attack the castle again. This battle is called the Summer Battle of Castle Osaka. Yukimura fought the army of Date Masamune on May 6. Though Yukimura's army was outnumbered, he succeeded to stop Masamune's army. And the next day, he and a few his soldiers assaulted to the camp of Ieyasu directly. He closed in upon Ieyasu, but killed at the last step.

A legend says Yukimura had ten heroic braves called Sanada Ju-Yushi . Its members are Sarutobi Sasuke , Kirigakure Saizo , Miyoshi Sekai , Miyoshi Isa , Anayama Kosuke , Unno Rokuro , Kakei Juzo , Nezu Jinpachi , Mochizuki Rokuro , and Yuri Kamanosuke . Sasuke and Saizo are also known as legendary ninja. It is said that the ten braves played active parts in the battles at Osaka Castle, defending Ieyasu's army.


In the grounds of this Shrine, stands a Tomb Stone for Sanada Yukimura who fell in battle; and is famous among Osaka citizens, because of his heroic death. In 1615, in the Osaka Summer Battle to capture the Osaka Castle, Sanada Yukimura ( a military commander ) led 3,500 soldiers, into the main camp held by Tokugawa Ieyasu ( Shogun open the Edo gov. ) Mt. Chausu Yama. At the end of a fierce battle against 100,000 soldiers led by Ieyasu, Sanada was injured, and he was abruptly killed by a lance, during his rest at this shrine.


One of the Koga ninjas. Because his foster father was a old subordinate of Sanada family, he also served Sanada Yukimura. It is said he died on action in the "Osaka natsu no jin" (the battle of Osaka in summer). The real existence is indistinct. As one of the "Sanada Juyushi"(ten brave warriors in Sanada family), his name and heroic stories are very famous.

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