"The final Battle of Chang Sha had begun, and Sharingan Kagayaki was ready to fight until the end. He fought bravely, and took as many as he could down, along with his friends Wei Baoshu, Zed Yu, Tang Shu, and his ruler, Jian Ryuujin. Not much is known about what exactly went on during this battle, but numerous accounts report that a white haired man drenched in blood was berserkering like a demon into enemy lines. He eventually became overwhelmed, and his arm cleaved from his body. He was left for dead and the Liang army continued over him...

Surrounded by bodies and clasping a wound, a figure attempts to rise from the plains. An expert fighter with black long hair approaches him.

Sharingan Kagayaki: B...brother? Is that? What are you--

A longsword enters the center of MeiMo's chest and his sentence is interrupted by coughing blood.

Sharingan Seifuku: The head of the Sharingan clan has ordered your execution for desertion, refusing to ascend to the throne, slaying guards, and murdering a top-ranked official. It's obvious why you ended up back here, you were never part of our clan to begin with. I picked you up when I razed a village in Qingzhou, long ago. Father told me to take you in, and that was the only reason you survived. See you in hell, kid.

His assailant kicks Kagayaki backwards so the sword comes clearly out. Kagayaki falls to land on his back with a crunch, blood now everywhere. His "brother" sheaths his sword, and leaves, neither of them ever to be seen again."

That's the end of the story. I'll compile it later.

"Kong Lin: Cao Jiao, you came into MY audience hall and swore to me you would not betray the Wuwan AGAIN. Yet here you are riding with a traitor bringing armed troops into my lands. It seems you can not stray from the path you once chose so easily. I was willing to put that behind us, but it seems you were not. She nods to the Riders around him . . . .Lin: Cai Liao, you I do not know, but if you are traveling with Liu Tian and Cao Jiao, you are as guilty of treason as they are. Should you be innocent of any knowledge of their actions, then may you travel to the Nine Springs, and not do the depths of Hell with them. The Riders grinned broadly at their Queen's nod. Seeking not to sully their sabres with foul blood, the Riders drew and released their bows in a smooth motion, killing the unarmed men without any pause. Within a minute, all were dead on the ground, with steam rising out of the corpses. As well, the riders then came by and beheaded every man there, and attached it to their saddles.Cai Liao and Cao Jiao have been killed at Kong Ling's orders."

"Jiang Cheng, knowing full well that neither Di nor Cheng Du would be prepared for the coming storm, threw himself into the line of fire to protect two of his aides. His body pierced by several arrows, Cheng commanded that the two men flee the field and warn those who remained at home, before the last bit of life bled from his body. Jiang Cheng has been slain!"


Chapter 19. Not done yet, but it makes up for everything I missed. That's all for now.


Sharingan Kagayaki's Story

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