Name: Sharingan Kagayaki

Age: 21

Biography: An impatient warrior, but not careless. Always waiting for the next fight, and usually carries out orders with ease. Often thinks of leaving his kingdom to find something more exciting, but would never go through with that plan. When faced with a tough situation, he will become unsure of himself and try to do what is morally right. Likes to protect the weak and innocent, and doesnt mind a little bit of spare change here and there .

Kagayaki currently serves the kingdom of Hui Zhong, located in Ping Yuan, and hopes to win many battles under his rank. YinWei has introduced him to this kingdom, so it is sure that the two will at least battle together once.

His past is not known well, for he has just recently entered China, and therefore cannot be researched. When asked about his childhood, he quickly changes the subject. Did something unfortunate happen? We may find out in the future..

Kagayaki has fought his first battle under the ranks of Hui Zhong, against Kong Ruibao...and has emerged victorious! Losing only eight men, his unit has killed 50, and has captured Zhang Xu, an enemy officer.

He is now awaiting further orders, and with spies infiltrating the rank of Hui Zhong, it doesn't seem he will get any for a while. So he heads to the Public Dueling Arena, where he has already won his first duel...

Crushed by Cloud Strife, Kagayaki realizes that he it still not strong enough, and retires from the dueling arena to catch up on his studies, promising himself that one day he will defeat Cloud to regain his honour.

Many victorious duels later, Kagayaki hears news of the 3rd Luo Yang Tournament, which he anxiously signs up for. However, this could pose dangerous for Kagayaki, for example, why are there ten thousand guards "protecting" the participants?

After getting obliterated in the tournament, Kagayaki vows revenge on Pan Zhao, and returns to Bei Hai to resume tutoring Ishida Sun. He is charged with the task of recruiting Yang Qui, and will try his best to do so.



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