Chapter 8: Pay Day!

Arriving at the gates of Ping Yuan, Kagayaki rides to the soldier office. He unmounts his horse, ties it down, and enters the building. He happily walks up to the counter and asks for his pay. A brown bag hits the table, the sound of gold coins bringing a smile to Kagayaki's face. His eyes widen as he unties the bag and pours it into his hand. His smile fades into dissappoint as he discovers whats inside.

Kagayaki: Are you sure this is the right bag?

Man: Sharingan Kagayaki? Yeah, that's it.


Later, after Kagayaki was forcibly removed from the office, he scours the marketplace. He starts heading for the shop called Market, but then remembers seeing an ad for He Bi's. He heads to the shop and looks over the inventory. All he can afford is a piece of jewelry, and a cap. Seeing as he has no use for those items, he sees a notice about the Master Scholar and Sage Chong Ming.

He reads over his inventory, and notices something which sparks some interest, The Fundamentals of Hard Work by Hui Zhong. There is only one copy of this book in the entire world, and to add to that it was written by Kagayaki's own lord. He moves his eyes a bit under the writing to check the price.

Kagayaki: Four...FOUR THOUSAND GOLD?! I gotta work for thirty-nine more months if I am to afford this!

He bangs his head against the pole the notice is nailed to, and is turned to leave, since others wish to view the items. He returns to his quarters for the night, but being unable to sleep, he goes outside into the commons. There he spots a notice written by Ishida Sun, who has surrendered to Hui Zhong in the capture of Bei Hai.


I would be very grateful if anyone could teach me the arts of Ambushing, Naval Warfare or How to Rally Troops. I would be willing to give the Jewel I received from a jeweller some time ago as a token of my appreciation.

Ishida Sun


Kagayaki, being well educated in the arts of Naval Combat, immediately responds to undertake the task, for the jewel can be sold for cash, bringing him closer to his goal. Awaiting a response, Kagayaki sits cross-legged on the ground, guarding the notice to make sure he gets the jewel.

Many hours later, Kagayaki is dutifully guarding the notice with his eyes closed. A man awakens him, and it appears that man is Ishida Sun himself! After they exchange greetings they get down to business.

Kagayaki: I can tutor you Navy.

Ishida Sun:Thank you for your offer. I accept. What would like in exchange for tutoring me?

Kagayaki: The Jewel would be nice, but if you want to keep it, you can, for it is not of that much importance.

The tutoring is scheduled at the end of the month, and depending on how much is learned, they may meet again at the end of the next month as well.

Kagayaki leaves the commons, and has a good nights sleep. The next day, he reads over some books, because to be a successful general, you must be intelligent as well.

Ok, nothing exciting so what. Next chapter might be.

Chapter 9: Trouble brews...

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