Chapter 7: I Challenge You!

Kagayaki, with high spirits, returns from the battle of Bei Hai. He greatly enjoyed the feel of battle, and was waiting for the next fight. On the way back to Ping Yuan, he spots a giant arena, so he enters, and watches warriors fight against eachother. Being exactly what Kagayaki was looking for, he ran up to the counter, and asked how he could partake in the event. Apparently, all you had to do was issue a challenge, and whoever accepted it would be your opponent. The rules were that opponents could NOT be slain, and weapons cannot be broken. Failure to comply to these rules would result in grave consequences. So, Kagayaki issues his challenge, and a frail women accepts it. Confused, he hopes appearances are decieving, and runs into the arena.

Sharingan Kagayaki


Shia Xue Bai

As the gong is rung, Both unsheath their blades and enter into their battle stances, Slowly the two go into a dance of death as they move in a whole circle, before the first exchange is met.

Kagayaki makes a sudden charge at Lady Shia. He ducks a swift attack by the woman warrioress and spins his entire body, and, using the full extent of his sword, lands a devastating hit literally sending her down into the ground. Though face down she attempts to rise onto her feet leaning on her sword, but the strain of the attack sends her back down to the floor as she loses conciousness.

Sharingan Kagayaki has One Blowed Lady Shia Xue Bai!

Fresh off his first victorious duel, Kagayaki notices a man challenging anyone to a fight, just as he had been doing earlier. This man looked extremely strong, though four years younger than Kagayaki. His name was Cloud Strife, and they have meet earlier, while trying to secure Tiger's Bane. Kagayaki accepts his challenge, and the two enter the arena.

Cloud Strife


Sharingan Kagayaki

The duel starts, and trying to use the same tactic as before, Kagayaki charges straight at Cloud for a chance of an immediate knock-out. Cloud blocks the hit with his hand, slightly injuring it, but laughs at the pain, and disheartens the frightened Kagayaki, who takes an elbow to the face and flies several feet back, landing on his stomach.

What?! Impossible! M...Maybe...I should fight against weaker guys from now on...

Kagayaki slowly gets up, and yells a mighty warcry. Not expecting such ferocity from this man, Cloud drops his sword, and takes a punch to the chest. Hardly injuring him.

Jumping back, Kagayaki then unsheaths his sword, and takes up the ready position, as Cloud does the same. Their eyes cross, and at the very same moment, the two leap towards eachother. Dust rises, and nothing can be seen within the arena. The sound of swords colliding can be heard, and the dust finally clears, with Cloud standing upright, his hand bleeding. Kagayaki managed to hit Cloud's hand, weakening his control of the sword, however, Cloud's sword was so incredibly massive, it sent Kagayaki flying away from the impact point, right into the arena's wall, while his sword slid right under Cloud's legs.

Distressed, Kagayaki readies an arrow to his bow, and aims right at Cloud's chest. But, Cloud, seeing as the shouting technique worked on him, yells in rage, but this only causes Kagayaki to release the arrow, hitting Cloud in the chest. Cloud looks in shock at the arrow, and then back up, only to see Kagayaki charge into him and hit the arrow further in. Cloud shours in pain, rips out the arrow, and then backhands Kagayaki into the ground.

Both warriors covered in blood and dirt, know this will be the final exchange. Kagayaki just barely stands up, and once again goes to punch Cloud. Kagayaki makes the hit! However, being so weakened, it does nothing. Cloud then releases an arrow at close range, and then strikes Kagayaki down with his greatsword, sending him spiralling away for the final time.

Cloud Strife has defeated Sharingan Kagayaki!

Still conscious, but unable to move, Kagayaki lays defeated, and the crowd cheers on Cloud, who twirls his sword overhead and then lodges it onto his back. He walks out of the arena as medics run past him. that weak? I...must...become stronger...if I de...feat...

As Kagayaki is lifted onto the stretcher, he passes out. The next day, however, he awakens and realizes that it has been April since yesterday, which means it is time to recieve his pay from Hui Zhong. He mounts his horse and rides to Ping Yuan, all of his injuries miraculously healed.

Defeated?! What will Kagayaki do with his money?...Read on?

Chapter 8: Pay Day!

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