Chapter 6: Tiger's Bane Part 2

Han Dynasty April 221 AD

Kagayaki charges boldly into the group of horses before him, who predictably begin to run from him before he can get a chance to mount the stallion, but having already begun to lean his weight for the jump, falls off his own horse, hitting the ground hard. Meanwhile, the herd stampedes northward.

Lee: "Gah! That foolish man! What was he thinking!? That was dangerous an attempt. I suggest we first save that man, see if he is allright before we proceed for Tiger's Bane! Do you all have a suggestion?"

Cloud looked at the sight, the horses are getting away, with sadness in his eyes. Cloud then looked at the cause of all that happens.

Cloud: [That man is so foolish!!!...] *cough* I agree with Lee Jian, we must help that man, safety first for that man, besides he is only a man, that can commits mistakes!!!

Cloud moves toward Kagayaki.

Cloud: Are you alright, Sir? Lee Jian! can you come in here! Can you look at him!

Cloud awaits the response of Kagayaki while he waits for Lee Jian to come at the warriors side.

Kagayaki: .........................

A long pause, for the ground is not as soft as it seems. His sense returning to him, he looks up at a man aiding him to his feet.

Kagayaki: Huh? I seem to be alright, but my face is a little sore... What happened here...?

He instantly remembers everything, and deepely regrets it.

Kagayaki: Oh...How could this happen? I don't usually do things so recklessly! Please, accept my forgiveness!

He quickly drops to a low kow-tow, hoping the men will forgive his mistake.

Sun Hui Wang merely looks at Kagayaki with one eye, keeping the other on the herd of horses stampeding towards/away.

Sun Hui Wang: "Just don't go berserk on us again. Jeez, you're troublesome..."

Cloud looked at Kagayaki, then he shooked his head while scratching the back of his head.

Cloud:[He shoudn't have to do that...] I accept your apology, and I think the others can accept it, you are only a man, and man sometimes commits mistakes. But you don't need to do that, Sir. Please rise...

Cloud turned to the running horses, then to the man in front of him, helping him to rise from the ground.

Cloud:...Besides, we have another chance for capturing that horse. But gladly you are alright.

Then Cloud helped Kagayaki to walk towards the "group", then Cloud turned to Lee Jian.

Cloud: Lee Jian, I think he is fine. So... what exactly is our plan? How about we will start gathering important materials, that we planned, before capturing that horse like...

Cloud cupped his right hand to Lee Jian's left ear, whispering something to Lee Jian.

Deeply grateful that the men have forgiven him, Kagayaki walks towards the group with Cloud. Seeing as all of the men are coming up with great plans, and he is in the negative in that department, he thinks for a while and then offers a proposal.

Kagayaki: Well...if any of you need a distraction for your plans, I would gladly offer myself to be that distraction.

Man...I hope that doesn't happen again, that was embarassing...

Lee:Ahhh....its a good thing you are allright my friend. What is your name? As you can see, you are now indirectly, a part of our team. I would like you to join us....before you cause more....inconvenience to us... Why don't you start giving me some good bright ideas and proposals to capture the steed? By the way, I am Lee Jian, the leader of this band."

Lee Jian motion all of them to gather and form a circle discussing among themselves for the next posible steps and plans.

Seeing the herd disappear from their sight, Lee Jian read the movements of the herd and felt the tremors of the earth. He looked straight ahead and smiled...

Lee Jian: Friends, they have stopped not far from here. The vast plain and such good weather will provide us with good visibility. Let us make a move on.

Everyone hopped on their steeds as Lee Jian motioned them to follow his lead and around 20 minutes later, the first sounds of the steed was heard. Hiding among big rocks stranded on such vast plain, Lee Jian signalled his friends to be prepared. After confirming all necessary equipment was ready and well, Lee Jian peeked and saw the herd was close to them. And in an instant, Tiger's Bane was visible among the others. Truly, a magnificant horse. Now the team is close enough to enact the plan.

Xiahou Po makes his way forward having been encouraged Lee. Turning to the large gathering he encouraged them to also move with a little more haste, and, Kagayaki, not causing any more trouble than he already has, easily keeps up with the group, and is an arm length away from Xiahou Po. This time, with an actual plan, Kagayaki feels confident they will capture Tiger's Bane, and earn their needed reward.

Sun Bo Rong rides up beside Xiahou Po, on the opposite side that Kagayaki is on, as he watches turns to Xiahou Po, and converses.

Sun Bo Rong: I do believe we will be victorious, I haven't been this excited in ages!

The group then arrived to a point where they find it the best place for action...

Lee Jian: This spot will be suitable and crucial for our success. I shall now split the teams. be ready friends.

Lee Jian faced the group and started to assign them to related teams.

Lee Jian: This is the plan

Teamwork Actions:

1. The 1st team with 3 member namely Lee Jian, Tien Kang and Sharingan Kagayaki will advance cautiously a distance north from the horse, in posible stealth, hiding between the grass or rocks. They will be equiped with a rope, a long hard and durable rope.

2. 3 more members namely Cloud Strife, Tao Lun and Sun Hui Wang will follow them and be situated a fair distance, opposite the 1st team. The 1st team and this 2nd team will each hold the rope at one end, and shall pull it uptight when the Tiger's Bane come running towards their trap.

3. The 3rd team with 2 members with horse namely Xiahou Po and Sun Bo Rong will start to proceed slowly towards the Tiger's Bane, close enough to throw a rope to the horse and like, yeah, capture it. Each horsemen will have a rope and will try to capture it by throwing the rope aiming for the tiger's bane neck.

4. If this succeed or fail, the tiger bane will be weary of the assult and will make a run for it, for it is animal instinct. And once it start to escape, it will seem to be hard to halt or completly stop him. So, the 2 horsemen will chase him hard and try to corner him towards the 6 men with the thick strong rope.

5. The idea is to tackle the horse and cause it to fall. When the Tiger's Bane is running close enough, have the 6 men straighten the rope thightly, hoping the the tiger's bane will knock on the thick rope and with enough force, we trip him. And once the Tiger Bane losses balance, the 2 horsemen will quickly throw more ropes and aiming to tie up his hind legs. The 6 members will then wrestle the horse on the ground, 2 will be tying the horse's hind legs, while 2 others will be halting movement of his front legs, and the two doctors namely lee Jian and Tao Lun will try blinding the horse with a safe dark coloured Healing Hands wound plaster patch. This will temporarily cover his eye sight, calm him and disorientate him. And after the front and hind legs are well tied and his eyes temporary covered, we shall put him in a cart and transfer him away.

6. In any case that the Tiger's Bane might get injured, Lee Jian with Tou Lun's help will doctor and heal him.

Remember, Team 1 will have to be me, Tien Kang and Sharingan Kagayaki.

Team 2 will be Cloud Strife, Tao Lun and Sun Hui Wang

Team 3 will be the horsemen, Xiahou Po and Sun Bo Rong

We may proceed now! Everyone, stay focus, be prepared and good luck!

This chapter is still not done. But the next ones are.

Chapter 7: I Challenge You!

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