Chapter 5: Brawl in Bei Hai

Han Dynasty March 221 AD

Ping Yuan Attack Team

Supply Unit:

Commander-in-Chief: Deng Liang - Advisor: Xi Jing

Second Division:

Sharingan Kagayaki - Zi Long


Defenders of Bei Hai

Commander in Chief: Dian Wu - Advisor: Zu Li

Second Regiment:

Wei Baoshu

Third Regiment:

Gan Yan


Supply unit: Zhao Sing

Commader in Chief: Zhao Sing - Advisor: Zhang Zai

Second Regiment:

Zhang Xu

The forces coming up from Ping Yuan appear on the road near the woods to the northwest. They make no major forward movements, however, and the forces in Bei Hai stand their ground as well. Much food is eaten in boredom.

More waiting, more nothing. Boredom creates more food munching. Empty Doritos bags litter the walls of Bei Hai. Gan Yan is ordered to bed for the day after slipping on a stray banana peel and falling 100 feet into a vending cart below. The guilty archer was castrated, flogged, tarred, feathered, and put on display in the Museum of Oddities. The people were happy.

Also newsworthy, the soldiers en route to Nan Pi had returned, and were staring down the backsides of the enemy. Deng Liang would have been caught unawares, but he turned to sneeze while sitting upon his mobile throne and noticed shiny-shirted men with pointy objects glaring at him. A quick change of armor later(for reasons I am not inclined to discuss), Deng Liang prepares for the coming battle.

As the newly arrived warriors from Nan Pi sight the enemy, the Bei Hai defense force maintains their position. Xi Jing and Zhang Zai both crack open their war manuals, and as luck would have it, find the exact same passages that strengthen their units. What're the odds?

Deng Liang is the first to whip his men into action, and forward they move, hitting Zhao Sing with a harsh blow, three times more powerful than what he lost in return. Zhao Sing recovers and Charges back in, doing a nice amount of damage, but receiving much in return. Kagayaki suddenly appears from the woods nearby and flies back towards the enemy Commander In Chief. Unfortunately, he is blocked by Zhang Xu, and so fiercely charges him instead. Zi Long moves next, effectively surrounding Zhao Sing on two sides and delivering a devastating Charge. Zhang Xu tauntingly shakes his rear at Deng Liang, hoping to draw him out. Deng Liang spends the next three hours trying to convince his men that he was staring at the bobbing buttocks in order to size up his foe, then hides in his tent from embarassment. Zhang Xu then turns and attacks Kagayaki, doing minimal damage and getting a whoopin' in return.

The Bei Hai defenders continue to hold their ground against an enemy not too far off.

Deng Liang, meanwhile, attacks Zhao Sing yet again, doing massive amounts of damage and receiving very little in return. Zhao Sing rounds his troops about for one desperate plunge, and is shattered by Deng Liang's stalwart defense. Zhao Sing escapes, Zhang Zai is captured. Kagayaki finishes off Zhang Xu immediately after, wiping out the Nan Pi assault force. Zhang Xu is captured. Zi Long returns to his earlier position.

Deng Liang, Kagayaki, and Zi Long return to their original positions. Worn out and fewer in number, they are nevertheless victorious so far, and of high spirits. The defenders of Bei Hai, however, are downhearted, having witnessed thousands of their comrades slaughtered just a short distance from their walls. And with food stores running low, things look grim.


A lone rider from the army of Hui Zhong approached the gates of the besieged city of Nan Pi. He rode tall in the saddle and slowly when he reached the gates he called out.

"I have a message from my commander Deng Liang for Lord Kong Ruibao."

With that he pulled forth a scroll and read aloud for all to hear.

Lord Kong Ruibao of Bei Hai,

Our forces have met and defeated your force returning from Nan Pi. Their stores of food and gold will not be reaching your city, nor will any of those men. The officers Zhang Zai and Zhang Xu will be kept safe and well and will not be harmed. However I ask you to think of your people. Not just the peasants and citizens of Bei Hai, but the soldiers you have conscripted. Continueing to fight against us will ony result in the death of your soldiers and bring suffering to their families. Your food stores are wanning and your men no doubt tire of this siege. I ask you to unconditionaly surrender your city and save the lives of your men here today.


Deng Liang

Commander in Chief of the Ping Yuan Army.


With their food stores running low, a messenger from the camp of Hui Zhong enters the city of Bei Hai. The beseiging troops wait some hours while discussions occur, and eventually a white flag is raised over the city.

Kong Ruibao has surrendered to Hui Zhong!

With the surrender mid-battle, all officers of Kong Ruibao are to be employed by Hui Zhong. Any who wish to leave his service may of course do so. Many of Kong Ruibao's soldiers do desert his ranks, though, not wanting to serve under Hui Zhong.

On the outskirts of Bei Hai the besieging army of Hui Zhong sat in it's camps. However there seemed to be much activity going on. Deng Liang had gathered the men after their recent victory with the skirmish againgst Kong's second force.

Deng Liang: Soldiers of Hui Zhong! I have spent five long months preparing you for these past few days and I could be no prouder of your efforts! We have proved that one man of Ping Yuan is worth three men of Bei Hai! The dogs of Kong Ruibao thought they could catch us unawares by attacking our rear, but they under estimated us! Take heart men their days are coming to an end and it is because of your bravery!

Weilang took a moment to pause as the men cheered. It was quite obvious morale was high even though this was their first battle. He looked over at his two deputy commanders Zi Long and Sharingan Kagayaki. He smiled warmly at both of them and nodded his head in an approving manner. Then he looked back to the crowd of soldiers.

Deng Liang: Now we must not let our Lord or our families down! We must strike true at the enemy who cowers in fear behind their walls at the mention of your names! Now it is time for honors, bring forth the men who captured Zhang Zai and Zhang Xu.

The soldiers who had captured the two officers had already been set apart from the rest and we brought forward before the other soldiers.

Deng Liang: These men have captured the enemy! And as such shall feast with me tonight to celebrate their merit! The rest of you shall all receive a full meal and we go back to battle with a full stomach! Let us not be ungrateful to Lord Kong for providing us with such wonderful supplies.

Thus the army of Hui Zhong was doled out a full evening meal and the soliders who captured the officers feasted with Deng Liang, Zi Long, and Sharingan Kagayaki.

Kagayaki's unit has killed 50 men, while losing only 8! Will his luck remain?

Chapter 6: Tiger's Bane Part 2

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