Chapter 3: Tiger's Bane Part 1

Somewhere south of Xiong Nu, there is a legendary band of wild horses roaming in a shallow valley. Amongst these gallops the stocky but muscular stallion known to the locals as Tiger's Bane, for he is rumored to be feared even by the tigers by his ferocity and strength.

Within the small town that lies at the southern mouth of the valley, a wealthy man named Bao Yu is vacationing away from Luo Yang, where he conducts his regular business. On the first day of his visit, he spotted the herd of horses and was impressed by their stock and color. But more so, he was impressed by the one that stood alone, a stallion of a dark ash grey with white mane and tail. Upon inquiry within the town, he uncovered the rumors about the stock and breed of the stallion, along with its fearsome demeanor.

Lustfully, Bao Yu decided he must have this horse for his own uses - for a man who had known many horses, this was indeed the greatest ever seen. Yet he was not a horse handler, and so he sent inquiries to his friends around China, hoping they would find men who could complete the task in return for a handsome sum....

Lee Jian: Well, I vote you.

Lee Jian said smiling.

Lee Jian: All right then, as I have said before, I came here for a sight seeing and an adventurous holiday. I'm doing this for leisure and pleasure. If there is anyone who is in disagreement with my ways please feel free to leave me. I shall not get things in a hurry, nor will I command like a general. Please be free, and at ease. So, all we seven men have to do is to find that horse, be able to get it and deliver this horse to a wealthy man right? Well, I guess the first thing is to head for the vast plain over there where herds of horses is seen. Let us go.

Lee Jian, Cloud, Tien Kang, Sun Bo Rong, Xiahou Po, Sun Hui Wang and Tao Lun formed a team and start to walk towards the open plains.

Kagayaki, who cannot contain his impatience any longer, leaves Ping Yuan for some excitement. Galloping on his horse, he notices the group of Lee Jian, Cloud, Tien Kang, Sun Bo Rong, Xiahou Po, Sun Hui Wang and Tao Lun. Kagayaki recognizes one of the men, who seems to be the party's leader.

Could that be Lee Jian? I've heard of his many public dueling victories. If he is leading a party somewhere, there must be some sort of treasure. I'll just tag along behind them, see if they'll notice. If this is something important, maybe I can gain some reputation! Yes, yes, I can see it now...

Kagayaki quickly gallops behind the group, continuing his crazy fantasy, and cannot decide whether to introduce himself or slowly stalk them. He finally decides to speak.

Kagayaki: Good day to you, my lords! My name is Sharingan Kagayak--

But before he can finish, he slips off of his horse, and hits the ground. After getting dragged a few feet, his horse stops. Upside-down, and embarrassed, he awaits a reply.

Why must this always happen to me?

Tan Ning rides up next to Lee and Cloud...

Tan Ning: Hello friends. Wonderful day isn't it! Look at all these mighty steeds, shall we move in closer?

Lee Jian: Proceed closer we shall, my friend.

They stopped to a more shaddy place, obviously under a pine tree.

Lee Jian: I guess we shall spot the great steed from here I hope. It is best not to get too close.

It seems nobody has noticed Kagayaki's blunder, so he quickly hops back onto his horse, brushing the grass out of his white hair, and continues pursuit.

This is impossible!....but...that's not a bad thing...Hey...we seemed to have stopped...Whoa! That's a lot of horses!

Kagayaki once again tries to introduce himself to Lee Jian,while under the pine tree, this time without any problems...or so he wished.

Kagayaki: Good day to you, kind sir! My name is Sharingan Kagayaki, I have just recently enrolled in Hui Zhong's service, and seek to earn a little experience before performing a service for my lord.

Kagayaki bows then continues.

Kagayaki: I have heard of your great duels, Master Lee Jian, but I am afraid I do not know any of the others in this group. Would you mind introduc--He-Hey! Stop!

But before Kagayaki can finish, he realizes he forgot to tie his horse down, and it was galloping back the way they came. Kagayaki races to it and when it finally stops, retrieves it.

Kagayaki: Eheh...Sorry about that...Things like that don't usually happen...Now, can you introduce me to the other members of this group, and explain what we are searching for?

Lee Jian, seemingly ignoring Kagayaki, signals his friends and pointed at the grey horse. Indeed by just one look, anyone will think that the horse was fabolous. Truly, the best looking horse he had seen.

Lee Jian: Wow! Now thats some steed. All the horses looks very good but the one leading them simply is outstanding. Well my friends, I presume thats the one eh? Want to think of a plan to catch it? Since we are in a big group, I guess capturing the horse will be an easier task done alone. Anyone has a plan?" Lee Jian asked his members with an exited expression.

Kagayaki, now pissed that everyone is ingnoring him, yells in a fury and charges the pack of horses, and raises his sword up high. He seems different from his normal self, almost...skillful. He gets near the "Tiger's Bane" and leaps off of his horse to try and mount it.

Kagayaki: I've got you now, beast!

Upon seeing Kagayaki charge like a beserk warrior on three and a half barrels of mead, Sun Hui Wang's mouth abruptly falls open. Luckily, there are no flies about.

Upon hearing Lee Jian's question, he closes his mouth with an audible 'snap' and replies:

Sun Hui Wang: I guess that's a moot point right now.

Will Kagayaki die? Will he succeed? Will you even find out? You shall see...

Chapter 4: Unearthed Memories

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