Chapter 18: Unsheath, Gu--...Kagayaki!

Han Dynasty 211, July

Kagayaki, missing out on yet another battle, heads to the dueling arena and meets some new warriors. Eager and unlearned as he once was, Kagayaki accepts a challenge of one of the crowd. A man named Pang Nan.

Sharingan Kagayaki


Pang Nan

The gong sounds, and Kagayaki wastes no time with his bow. He launches an arrow towards Pang Nan, and hits him, but the wound isn't very deep, and it is pulled out quite quickly. Pang Nan runs towards Kagayaki, and attempts to launch Kagayaki's sword out of his hand! Kagayaki does nothing but block, as a loud scraping sound echoes throughout the arena. Both fighters jump back and proceed to exchange blows.

Kagayaki and Pang Nan, who seem to be quite close in brute strength, now attempt to psyche the other out. They both stand tall, as the wind blows, kicking up sand. Nothing can be seen in the arena, but when the dust clears, the fighters are the opposite sides, each with a new cut on them.

Kagayaki rushes towards Pang Nan, hoping to catch him off guard, but Kagayaki was running at such speed, he was so incredibly off balance that he completely missed! Pang Nan sees Kagayaki's charge, and attempts to unleash a vicious block and counter.

Pang Nan: ...What?

Pang Nan sees Kagayaki rush past him, and proceeds to slash him, but only manages a small scrape. Kagayaki attempts to scare the young man with a mighty warcry, but it didn't seem to work so Kagayaki executed a swift attack to Pang Nan's side, as we see that perhaps the shout did work, for Pang Nan missed completely!

Pang Nan seems exhausted by this match, and attempts to unleash some sort of ferocious power attack! He charges, yells...but then staggers a bit, because he has used too much of his energy. Kagayaki, seeing this opportunity, tries a special attack of his own! He runs towards Pang Nan and sends him into the hard ground, with the new "Silent Sweep" attack. It only partially succeeds, as Pang Nan still attacks Kagayaki one last time.

Sharingan Kagayaki has defeated Pang Nan!

Kagayaki is still getting warmed up, and accepts another challenge.

Sharingan Kagayaki


Fu Yuan

The battle begins as both fighters attempt to "One Blow" the other. Both see this coming though, and barely manage to dodge, both of their right arms bleeding. Fu Yuan's a slightly deeper cut though.

Kagayaki concentrates all of his chakra to his open fist, for a new special attack. The air distorts, as a strong force can be felt from Kagayaki's direction. He runs towards his opponent, but Fu Yuan yells a mighty yell, one that causes Kagayaki to lose concentration. He tries to refocus, but in doing so, he wasn't paying attention to Fu Yuan who punched him square in the face.

Kagayaki staggers back, and right when Fu Yuan is off guard, Kagayaki shoots an arrow towards him, and dashes into him. The arrow connects, and Kagayaki gives Fu Yuan a roundhouse, knocking the arrow out. Fu Yuan swiftly kicks Kagayaki back.

Fu Yuan unsheaths his sword and swinging moving it around himself in a mesmerizing pattern. Kagayaki, mimicking his opponent, roars and punches Fu Yuan, who had just dropped his sword in fright.

It is certain these two fighters are of equal strength, for their fighting plans are perfect mirrors. Kagayaki takes an arrow in his side, and gets knocked down by Fu Yuan's body slam, however, Kagayaki rolls backwards, and gives Fu Yuan a mighty tackle. As Fu Yuan is knocked to the ground, with Kagayaki on top of him, the gong is run and the judges vote.

Sharingan Kagayaki has defeated Fu Yuan!

Apparently, just because Kagayaki was on top, the judges voted in his favour, for this was the closest duel in a long time.

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