Chapter 17: Battle

As Kagayaki returns to Bei Hai, he finds it in a state of panic. Soldiers are running back and forth, and men at the watch tower are shouting about an enemy attack.


Kagayaki races to the border of Bei Hai and Ri An Nu's territory, but he is blocked off and told to return.

Kagayaki: I am an officer of Hui Zhong! Let me through!

Guard: You are not part of this battle, you may take part as a re-inforcement if Lord Hui Zhong allows it.

Kagayaki clenches his fist and watches as Jiang Cheng and Guan Yide leave for battle. He slams down onto a nearby bench, and hears the man in the watchtower yell that Pu Yang and Nan Pi are also being attacked.

Watchman: Report: Nan Pi and Pu Yang are also under assault by Peng Meng Tian and Meng Jun!

What the hell is happening here? Could all of this be because of the Emperor?

Kagayaki can do nothing now, only hope that his lord emerges victorious, because if the city falls, Kagayaki would be captured too.

Watchman: Report: Jiang Cheng has been captured! Chen Chao has arrived with reinforcements!

Kagayaki walks back and forth in panic, only to find relief in Chen Chao's arrival. He sits down once again, and pays close attention to the reports pouring in.

After a long moment has passed, the sounds of battle outside have died down, and Kagayaki walks towards the gate once more as they open. With far fewer soldiers, Guan Yide and Chen Chao come inside. Kagayaki, now certain that "Old Man" Cheng has been finished, turns to walk away, only to hear his voice once again. Surprised, he turns around and sees him enter in at the back of the crowd, with three prisoners. It turns out that he was recaptured by Guan Yide, when the CiC was taken out.

With peace in Bei Hai, Kagayaki is safe, but the same cannot be said for Nan Pi, as Deng Liang has been taken captive, and Nan Pi lost for Liang's losing a deathmatch duel to Zhao Yun, styled Zilong.

Bei Hai is safe, but Hui Zhong is regarded the bad guy throughout China!

Chapter 18: Unsheath, Gu--...Kagayaki!

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