Chapter 16: Xian Long

Come to think of it...I hardly know anybody in Hui Zhong's ranks. Maybe I should get to know more officers, so I don't repeat that incident with Zhang Lu.

He hops onto his horse, and gives it a little slap.

Kagayaki rides to Ping Yuan, for the sole purpose of meeting some new friends. He dismounts, ties his horse down, and casually walks into the city, hoping someone else will start a coversation. Mistaking a peasant for an officer is not something he intends to do.

Xian Long walks out of her room in the officer's quarters after a long sleep. While she was wandering around the city she noticed a man, who is roaming around the city as well. She walk up to him and bows.

Xian Long: Hello, Sir! May I ask who you are?

Kagayaki politely clasps his hands and bows back to Xian Long. He notices that they have nearly the same equipment, so he is certain she must be a fellow officer.

At home they would never allow this, one should tell their name before asking another's. Oh well, this is a different place, so I guess I'll have to let it go.

Kagayaki: Good day! I am Sharingan Kagayaki an officer under Hui Zhong, as I am sure you are as well. May I ask who you are?

Xian Long: Oh! How rude of me, I didn't say my name. I'm Xian Long, and yes I'm a officer of Hui Zhong. It is pleasure to meet you, Lord Sharingan Kagayaki.

She looks at him and thinks:

Hm... His name doesn't sound Chinese.

Xian Long: Lord Sharingan Kagayaki, I'm sorry if this sound rude, but what is your homeland? I ask for the fact your name doesn't sound least not to me.

Kagayaki forces himself to remember Xian Long's name, and then decides whether he should answer that question or not. He decides it would be better to leave a good impression, and chooses to answer it. He smiles and then closes his eyes:

Kagayaki: Yes, you are correct, my origin is not Chinese. I originally come from the "Island Country", west of this beautiful land. I was the heir of my clan, and escaped here to avoid all that trouble. Heh, if elder brother hadn't mentioned his visit here, I doubt I would've come...

Kagayaki pauses for a moment, obviously remembering something. He shortly snaps out of it and shakes his head.

Kagayaki: Oh, sorry for going on like that. How about yourself? Where were you born?

Xian Long listens closely to what Kagayaki has said. After he is done speaking, she answers:

Xian Long: That's fine, I thought it was interesting. Where was I born? I was born in Ru Nan, but for about ten years I lived in a forest in Ru Nan. At 20 years of age, I decides to leave my home, to see what is going on in China.

Xian Long bows again to Kagayaki.

Xian Long: I'm sorry if that was a bit boring.

Hm?...Island Country? Maybe after there is peace in this land, I will go and see this Island Country.

Xian Long smiles at herself as she ponders.

Kagayaki is surprised by Xian Long's bow, and immediately bows back.

Kagayaki: Wha? Oh, not at all. Ru Nan...that's just south of Pu Yang, right? Ruled by Sun Jing Shuo? That's quite away. Hmm...Do you know any other officers in Hui Zhong's ranks? The only three I sorta know are Deng Liang, YinWei and Hui Zhong himself.

She smiles at him.

Xian Long: Yes to both of your first two questions. Offiers that I know in Hui Zhong's ranks...Hmm...

She thinks about it for a moment to remember their names.

Xian Long: I know YinWei, Dan Liao, Huang Quan, Huang Lee Jian, and you. I haven't got a chance to see Lord Hui Zhong yet. It must have been an honour to see Lord Hui Zhong.

I thought he was going to kill me! I hope next time we meet, it's under a MUCH better circumstance.

Kagayaki remembers his meeting with Hui Zhong, and lets a troubled expression slip for a second, and then quickly covers it up with a laugh.

Kagayaki: Yeah...It was a real honour. Oh yeah! I also know Ishida Sun, who surrendered to our lord at Bei Hai. I am currently tutoring him the art of naval warfare. He'll be an expert in no time.

Kagayaki winks with his last sentence, and then realizes he should get back to Bei Hai in time to do his patrol.

Kagayaki: It was a pleasure meeting you, Xian Long, but I must be off to arrive in Bei Hai in time for my patrol. Farewell, and may we meet again!

Kagayaki bows, and then walks back to where his horse stood. He hopped on, and waved back as he rode off. Unfortunately, he forgot to untie his horse, and both went sailing into the ground. After adjusting his mistake (that sword is handy), he sets off once again, hoping this time he wont fall...

Xian Long hearing that Kagayaki has to patrol Bei Hai, she waved good-bye to him.

Xian Long: Good bye to you, Lord Kagayaki. It was nice to meet you. May fate be...

She watched speechless as he went sailing into the ground. Seeing that he is fine, she lets out a sight of relief, and finished her sentence lamely:

Xian Long:...Kind to you...After that...

Kagayaki has gone to patrol. What will he find?

Chapter 17: Battle

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