T3LYT Part 2:

Gan Bi looks around and suddenly makes out Sharingan Kagayaki in the crowd. He walks over toward him and greets him with a smile, saying,

Gan Bi: Hello, Sharingan! It looks as if the duels are about to begin. We had better prepare. Do you know who is your opponent is?

Kagayaki: Ah, good day, Gan Bi. Actually, I believe my opponent is a Pan Zhao, although I have never heard of him, I believe he must be a worthy fighter. Good luck to both of us, for I am off to fight!

3rd Luo Yang Tournament - Round 1

Kagayaki is anxiously waiting for his turn in the tournament, but so far, from Kagayaki's gate, already two extremely damaged bodies where left behind, those of Hao Wen and Han Li Bao. There are also the victorious Thor and Tzung, who are barely scratched. Those were the results of yesterday. Today, Li Gangis and Jiang Cheng, both from Kagayaki's gate, Jiang Cheng even serving under Hui Zhong, have emerged the victor. Kagayaki is now shaking in fear...or is it anticipation? His name is announced and he runs into the massive arena, as thousands spectate.

Sharingan Kagayaki


Pan Zhao

As the day wains on two more competetors striving for glory enter the dueling arena. Sharingan Kagayaki of Hui Zhong's lands and Pan Zhao officer of Meng Jun. The crowd can't help but cheer for Pan Zhao as he is the favorite to win and their Lords own officer. With a quick salute from each the gong clashes and the fight begins!

With cat like reflexes, Kagayaki draws his bow, knocks an arrow, and sends it sailing towards Pan Zhao! Zhao proudly stands his ground and gives off a loud warcry as the arrow sails harmlessly past him. Kagayaki quickly charges forward and slashes the douty Zhao with his sword. Zhao glares and then swiftly smashes Sharingan Kagayaki's shoulder with one of his trusty maces.

Reeling from the pain in his shoulder Kagayaki bellows out a warcry of his own to which Pan Zhao merely laughs. Pan Zhao bobs and weaves back and forth and Kagayakai is unable to tell where his next strike will come from. Thinking to himself, the best defense is a good offense, Kagayaki smashes Pan Zhao in the mouth with the hilt of his sword, Zhao then quickly brings his right mace straight down onto Kagayaki's already injured shoulder, the crowd cheers as Kagayaki staggers backwards certain he heard something pop!

Gritting his teeth in pain from his dislocated shoulder Kagyaki charges forward again his sword in a flurried blur as it comes in multiple times from many angles he attacks with his "10 angle strike"! The crowd cheers at his renewd gusto but he only manages to poke Pan Zhao once. Zhao ignoring the pain slames his right mace into Kagyaki's blade knocking it of it defensive position and charges into him swinging his left mace into Kagyaki's midsection with his "Bull Charge". Off in the distance the crowd begins doing their own special move "The Wave"

Both men drop back into a defesive posture each expecting another furious assult, however neither move. Kagyaki is the first to react and come out swinging however his attack misses and Zhao gives him another blow from his mace.

The pain in his shoulder is begining to take it's toll on Kagayaki as he is finding it harder and harder to move his arm. He takes a wild slash as he grits his teeth in pain and manages to score another hit on Pan Zhao and staggers past him. As Kagayaki is starting to turn around Zhao throws one of his maces at him, however, he misjuged his angle and it lands at Kagayaki's feet.(arrow miss) Deciding it's best to not throw his second one he charges forward and catches Kagayaki in the side with a firece blow.

Kagayaki not wanting to give up attacks again and scores another weak blow. Pan Zhao laughs and smashes Kagayaki in his already wounded shoulder causing him to nearly passout from the pain.

Kagayaki gives another weak thrust with his weapon and catches Pan Zhao in the thigh. However it seems that his last attacke sapped almost all of his strength. The crowd cheers as he wobbles on his feet like a weeble sensing this match was about to come to an end. Pan Zhao lifts his twin maces high and calls out:

Pan Zhou: Weebles wobble, and they DO fall down! Then smashes both of his maces into poor Sharigan Kagayaki who drops like a stone. The medics rush out onto the field as the crowd cheers.

Pan Zhao Advances to the next round!

Kagayaki wakes up in a strange room, and is barely able to stand up. After his grimace of pain, he looks around for a bit and begins to remember his savage beating.

...Man...I sucked...

He seems to have regained control of his body, so he proceeds to watch the other matches from the crowds. Maybe it would be better for him to get stronger in time for the next tournament, rather than repeat this...experience. Or so it seems, as the wounded Kagayaki passes out, he is returned to bed, and shortly after is sent back to Bei Hai.

Kagayaki now needs to defeat Cloud Strife AND Pan Zhao. He sucks.

Chapter 15: Brains?

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