Chapter 13: The 3rd Luo Yang Tournament

The streets of Luo Yang are once again filled with cheers and excitement, children run across the streets and grandparents sit and reminisce about similar events in days gone by. The names of Azlan Johan and Zhao Xun, both prior champions of the tournament, are heard regularly. The sun shines down on Luo Yang and the Grand Arena has been again refurbished and prepared for feats of strength to be displayed within. Having played host to to the last two Luo Yang Tournaments, the Inspector of Si Li wishes to once again use a martial arts display to bring the people together.

Messengers are dispatched to the four corners of the land to find one man or woman to become the next 'Luo Yang Champion!', and to take the prize at the most prestigious tournament of warriors and contest of champions!


Come one, come all! Ten thousand guards have been tasked with defending the participants and violence outside of the ring will not be tolerated!

Welcome one and all to the Third Luo Yang Tournament, a contest of warriors and birth of champions....

Please read carefully following rules and important information.


-1st Place = 1900 taels

-2nd Place = 900 taels

-3rd and 4th Place = 400 taels each

-5th - 8th Place = 100 taels each

Rules of the Second Luo Yang Tournament

-This event is a 32 Man/Woman Elimination Tournament.

-Each participant must pay a 100 gold signup fee - this money goes towards prizes and other event expenses.

-At this time, there is no limit on the number of officers that may enter from one kingdom/organization/IF.

-Be warned that the forces of Meng Jun are acting as security in Luo Yang and will respond to suspicious actions.

-To advance in the tournament, you must defeat your opponent, or your opponent must not show up. Not arriving for a scheduled match automatically disqualifies a participant from further participation in the event. In addition, killing an opponent, whether you or he is the victor, is strictly forbidden and also warrants an automatic disqualification and arrest.

-Matchups will be semi-random. The first round the combatants will be placed in two seperate groups made up of the 16 highest wars and the 16 lowest wars. One combatant will be matched from each group, creating a semi-seeded field.

-Scare and Breaking Weapon/Armor/Helmet are forbidden; if used they will count as a normal hit and nothing more.

-Personal Training is forbidden during the tournament.

-No 'borrowed' weapons or other equipment will be permitted. Unless someone is willing to give you their stuff outright for keeps you can't use it for the tournament. You can kill them and take their stuff but not at the tournament itself.

-Ring out is available at the tournament. This tactic follows the basic premise of the 'Capture' tactic. Its purpose is to imitate the atmosphere of the many tournaments that take place in a ring/platform. Remember, you must use your wit to estimate just when would be the perfect round number to use this tactic in.

-Azlan Johan and Zhao Xun, as the previous winners, may join free of charge.

-Explain where money is coming from, personal gold, or ruler.


Kagayaki sees that a tournament is being held, and immediately signs up. Seeing as weapons cannot be destroyed, all he has to lose is the 100 gold, not like it can buy much anyway. He reads the current roster and sees himself, Thor, and the two previous winners on the list. He anxiously waits for other fighters to sign up.

An elderly man could be heard making his way to the table. Heard rather than seen, because with the numerous and varied flasks and bottles hanging from his belt he made plenty of noise. He walked with a sort of odd fluidity, swaying from side to side and pausing for half a heartbeat every so often as if subconsciously trying to keep his balance.

He gradually made his way to a list posted on the wall and scanned through the names that the list held.

Kong Enlong: Hah, these names sound like those of children! Certainly they deserve to be bested by a man with real experience!

The old man scribbled the name "Kong Enlong" on the paper and backed away, looking for an attendant or servant boy who might tell him more about what he had just gotten into.

As Tzung walked up to the table, a hush fell over those in line to sign up. One or two too one look at him and tried to discreetly get out of line. Tzung took notice.

Cowards, Working for He Bi has its advantages. I must be sure to express my gratitude once this tournament is over... Perhaps here I can find the challenge that I've been seeking all these years. Though..No one here looks all that special. Not yet, anyways.

As Enlong was looking for someone to direct him, he heard the hush fall over the crowd. Looking over to the sign-up list, he saw a man of immense proportions writing something onto the parchment on the wall.

Kong Enlong: Excuse me! I've been looking for a servant boy for the past five minutes! Now that I've found you, what can you tell me of how I can find accomodation here, hm?

The elderly man approached a few feet closer, his various wine containers on his belt clunking against each other as he put his hands on his hips waiting for an answer. Clunking and heartbeats were the only sounds heard as the crowd grew even quieter. Here was a fifty-two year old man of no impressive stature talking to an incredible looking warrior in the prime of his life. Certainly the crowd thought he old man's remaining breaths could be counted on two hands...

Tzung turned around and faced the old man.

Tzung: Excuse me?

He eyed the old man, and despite his drunkenness saw a talent for dueling. He smiled and muttered something to himself about not being able to hear correctly.

Tzung: What is a drunken old man doing at such an event? Go home; take a nap!

If this old man was trying to provoke him, he would play along. He looked at the guards around him, wondering what they'd think of a fight breaking out here. Tzung decided he wouldn't let things go to far out of hand, lest his admission to the tournament be revoked.

Kagayaki turns to see a massive man who appears to be conversing with a built elderly man.

Whoa, it's Tzung! Heh...I'm so gonna get crushed in this tournament...

He walks over to Tzung, hoping he is remembered.

Kagayaki: Why if it isn't Tzung! How are you doing? I have also entered this tournament. Although I know I have little chance of winning, I have signed up only to enjoy the fights, for I am sure some hidden talents usually do not show up at the Public Dueling Arena.

Tzung, hearing his name called, looked over and recognized the warrior that had been able to best him with Gan Bi's help.

Tzung: Hail, Kagayaki!

At the same time, Tzung was keeping an eye on the old man, in case he try something while Tzung was somewhat distracted.

Tzung: How are you doing this fine day? It's nice to see a friendly face around here... Just look at this drunken old man.

Tzung turned around and fixed his gaze on the man and his bottle.

Tzung: If all the other fighters around here are like him, you should stand a fair chance.

A laugh erupted from within Tzung.

Kagayaki laughs at Tzung's comment.

Kagayaki: If only it were so, but, however drunk that man may be, he still may be a great warrior. It seems as if I am among the weakest of the participants.

Kagayaki watches as many great warriors also add their names, such as Lee Jian, Cloud Strife, and Gan Bi, all whom he has met before. He has yet to duel the "Warrior Doctor" Lee Jian though, and awaits the match-ups with much anticipation. He also notes a Yamagata Kagatake's name getting signed up by another Nan Zhong officer. Kagayaki has never met Kagatake, but has heard of his skills in duels, one of which he has even slain the mighty Liao Hua.

Everyone immediately stops what they are doing as the list of participants is taken away, and is ready to be anounced.



Meng Jun:

Huang Yunsung

Sun Shikai

Hao Wen

Pan Zhou

Sun Zhou

Hui Zhong:

Jiang Cheng

Guan Yide

Sharingan Kagayaki

Lu Ying:

Yamagata Kagatake

Mao Zi Long:

Zed Yu

Peng Meng Tian:

Li Gangis

Tian Congde:

Cloud Strife

Han Li Bao

Xhang So Ja:

Xiang Ma

Aman Cab

Yan Song:

Songshan Zhuoma

Chan Wai San

Yaun Shao:

Ma Tianfeng

Zhu Zhuan:

Gongsun Keung

Free Officers:

Lu Huan

Zhang Da San

Gan Bi

Zhao Xun

Ma Wu

Kong Enlong

Sima Quan


Lee Jian

Jimesu Zhi Meng

Hijo Rem


Wong Fei Hong


After the list of participants is read, all of the warriors are told to get a good night's rest, for the dueling will begin shortly. Kagayaki slowly walks to his quarters and discovers a letter on his bed...from Hui Zhong! Kagayaki immediately opens it, and discovers that his rank has been improved to General who Constitutes Righteousness, and his pay increased to 150 Gold per season, for his excellent service in Bei Hai.

How far will Kagayaki get in this tournament? Only the future holds the answer.

T3LYT Part 2

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