Chapter 12: Rematch!

Kagayaki makes sure Gan Bi is okay, and then they both walk out of the arena as medics rush to Tzung. After Gan Bi's injuries heal, together with Kagayaki, he heads for the exit, where Tzung is blocking the door.

Tzung: Congratulations to you two, Gan Bi and Sharingan Kagayaki, you have outmuscled and outsmarted me. It is good to know what I am and am not capable of. I wil offer a rematch, in the form of an endurance match, if you aren't sick of fighting me already. I would fight one of you for five rounds, and then take on the other for another five.

A smile grows on Kagayaki's face as he instantly responds:

Kagayaki: I will do it again, for sure! It was truly an interesting fight, and I greatly enjoy all challenges! Gan Bi also accepts, and the two walk away to prepare tactics.

Gan Bi: All right, who should fight first?

Kagayaki: I am the weaker, so I believe I should go first, to let him blow off his steam. Then you should be able to finish him off as he will be exhausted. Agreed?



Gan Bi AND Sharingan Kagayaki

The match starts and Tzung starts acting suspiciously. Fearing he would get attacked by "One Blow" Kagayaki fires an arrow at Tzung, who is on edge and easily dodges with a dive towards Kagayaki. Tzung recovers from the dive and gives an uppercut to Kagayaki, who flips backwards, and punches Tzung a solid hit before staggering back.

Tzung tries another attempt to trick Kagayaki, but Kagayaki counters it with "Both Sides, causing him to defend Tzung's attack, and deal a mighty blow of his own. While Tzung is stunned by the attack, Kagayaki gives him another punch to the face. But Kagayaki doesn't seem to be inflicting much damage other than his successful "Both Sides".

Tzung runs up to Kagayaki and gives a mighty blow to his face. Kagayaki, now seeing an opening goes to attack, but he is quickly brought down by Tzung's second arm, delivering another life-threatening blow to his face. Kagayaki half-runs, half-crawls, to the opposite side of the arena, and attempts to regain his strength.

Tzung copies Kagayaki's "Both Sides", hoping he could return the favor. Kagayaki gives a ferocious war cry, but as neither of the two dare to move, both of their tactics obvioslu have failed. Realizing this, both fighters charge into eachother, ending with Kagayaki rolling away, spitting up blood.

Kagayaki, who can barely move, just lies on the arena floor, waiting for the next attack. Tzung fires an arrow into Kagayaki, to make sure he isn't trying anything, and then proceeds to finish him off. Kagayaki yells in pain, and gives Tzung a weak punch, hoping the giant would get off of him. Tzung, surprised that Kagayaki can still attack, throws him into the arena wall, where Gan Bi rushes out.

Tzung sees Gan Bi, and releases an arrow into him, causing Gan Bi to already suffer an injury. Gan Bi readies an arrow of his own, but Tzung is too quick and swiftly shoulder rams Gan Bi, sending the arrow into the wall. Gan Bi delivers a kick to Tzung's face, and then jumps back up, blood dripping from his chest.

Tzung runs into Gan Bi, sending him off balance, and then plunges his fist into Gan Bi's wound. Gan Bi yells in pain, but still manages to dodge Tzung's second punch, and gives him a weak kick in the face, which somehow was enough to cause blood to spray.

Tzung once again copies Kagayaki's "Both Sides", fails again! Gab Bi also uses "Both Sides", and the two square off for a moment, as earlier in the duel. Tzung runs towards Gan Bi, still on the defensive, and trips, sending him into the ground.

Spitting out sand, Tzung starts acting suspicious again, and succeeds in messing with Gan Bi's mind! The confused Gan Bi takes a step back, back it is not enough, for Tzung is already upon him. Tzung gives a mighty kick to Gan Bi's face. Gan Bi is squirming on the ground in pain, and manages to hit Tzung with his flailing arms.

Tzung gets ready to finish Gan Bi off as he clenches his fist, but Gan Bi screams in terror, and Tzung must cover his ears. Gan Bi weakly punches Tzung one last time before the gong is rung.

Tzung has defeated Gan Bi and Sharingan Kagayaki!

Medics rush out to pick up the pieces of the two defeated warriors, but it seems that they will both survive the incident. As Kagayaki is carried out by stretcher, he sees a poster on the wall. Right before he passes out, he mutters something:

Kagayaki: The Third Luo Yang Tournament?...Heh.

Kagayaki just got stomped! He can't seriously be thinking of a tournament!

Chapter 13: The 3rd Luo Yang Tournament

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