Chapter 11: Chapter 11

Back at the dueling arena, Kagayaki notices a man named Kalor Tiler issuing challenges. Looking highly arrogant, Kagayaki is upset by his appearance. He accepts his challenge, but it is refused, because Kagayaki's skill with the bow. Kagayaki asks again, and to teach him a lesson, Tiler accepts.

Sharingan Kagayaki


Kalor Tiler

The gong is struck, and Kagayaki uses his infamous "One Blow" move, which is blocked by one hit of Tiler's "Doublestrike", while the other hit misses. Seeing, his technique failed, Kagayaki punches Tiler in the face, and at the same time also gets punched in the face.

Both jumping back from their hits, Kagayaki yells, but it cannot be heard, for the crowd's cheers are far louder. Kagayaki runs up and kicks Tiler, who pretends to use one of his scimitar to attack, but accidently drops it in fright. Seeing Kagayaki off-balance (he was always told to pull his kicks back...sigh) Tiler just shoves the Kagayaki a few feet back, sending him on his front.

Kagayaki runs to attack Tiler, who blocks with his crossed scimitars, and kicks Kagayaki in the knee, injuring both. Kagayaki then runs towards the wall, does a slide bringing up dust, and cocks his bow. He fires. Due to the thick dust, he misses completely, and Tiler, seeing him on the ground, runs up and kicks Kagayaki in the face, as a few drops of blood litter the ground.

Kagayaki hand holding his bloody face, stands, closing his eyes. Tiler runs up and punches him, but Kagayaki's eyes instantly open as the blow strikes, and in a blur, Kagayaki launches his armoured fist into Tiler, sending him into the ground a few feet back, as Tiler spits blood into the sky. The gong rings, as time is over. Kagayaki and Tiler both look towards the judges who decide the victor. One judge votes Kagayaki. The second, Tiler. The third, also Tiler. The fourth, Kagayaki. The fifth....

Also votes Kagayaki! Sharingan Kagayaki has defeated Kalor Tiler!


Han Dynasty May 221 AD

As Kagayaki is leaving the arena, he encounters a man who wishes to be a general like he is. After a few questions, Kagayaki agrees to fight the man.

Liu An


Sharingan Kagayaki

Liu An starts off the battle by attempting to frighten Kagayaki. He attempts to throw his sword right past Kagayaki's head. The sword is released...and it fails as Kagayaki grabs the sword right out of the air, by the guard, and reverses the effect by throwing the sword right back at him. Liu An turns to run and crashes into the arena wall. Angered, Liu An runs towards Kagayaki, flailing his arms like a madman. As pathetic as it looked, it was actually a good attack, for Kagayaki became winded by the attack, and his war cry turned into a gasp for air.

Liu An, seeing this technique, tries to imitate it, but instead lets out an ear-piercing, girly, scream. Kagayaki's ears suffer damage, but he quickly ends the scream by a swift roundhouse to the side, sending him rolling into the ground. Liu An screams some more in pain, further damaging Kagayaki's eardrums, who gets pissed off and fires an arrow into Liu An's curled body. Liu An's scream has not stopped, so Kagayaki runs up once more and kicks him fiercely in the side.

Unbelievably, the screams still do not stop, so Kagayaki kicks him once more in the side, his ears aching in pain. Liu An, sick of getting kicked, rolls backwards, springs into the air, and fires an arrow. Kagayaki surprised that a screaming man on the floor can turn into an expert fighter in a mere moment, cannot stop the arrow! It hits him in the arm, but as his legs are intact, Kagayaki kicks Liu An once more, who resumes screaming. The gong is rung, but Kagayaki, who cannot take the screaming anymore, throws his weapons aside and charges Liu An, roaring like a wild beast. Liu An wets himself, and runs out of the arena...screaming. Luckily for him the guards stopped Kagayaki, before he could kill the man...

Sharingan Kagayaki has obviously defeated Liu An!


Kagayaki once again tries to leave the arena, but is approached once more by a man named Gan Bi. Gan Bi proposes that together they should fight a monster of a man known only as Tzung. Kagayaki accepts this unique challenge, and they begin to form a plan...



Sharingan Kagayaki and Gan Bi

The gong is rung and Tzung immediately, wielding his arsenal of weapons, stomps foward and prepares to deliver a devastating attack on the weaker Sharingan Kagayaki , however both Kagayaki and Gan Bi, fearing a quick defeat. unleash a volley of arrows which connect in both knee caps of Tzung, Tzung manages to bash Sharingan's face but the arrow of Gan Bi takes its toll, severly injuring him, Gan Bi manages to deliver a miniscule attack whilst Sharingan Kagayaki slips on a He Bi coupon that mysteriously appeared from no where?!?!

The warrior Tzung now on the defensive awaits his opponents to attack, however they do not rush and do not give him a chance to counter with one of his many techniques, annoyed he picks up Kagayaki by the face, and slams his head into the ground causing good damage, Gan Bi watching the onslaught also plays it safe but Tzung does not charge in carelessly. Gan Bi and Kagayaki then both deliver small damage.

Gan Bi makes a sudden charge, determined to shake the will of the strong Tzung, however, he is unable to score a single blow and receives a strong blow for his effort! Kagayaki manages to avoid a few of Tzungs attacks and then counters with fair damage.

Tzung now displays fancy swordsmanship as he pushes Sharingan backwards and leaps into the air to deliver yet another powerful strike. Quick thinking by Kagayaki, or call it pure fear, he shrieks like a lost little girl and Tzung is distracted by his sissyness! Seeing a perfect opportunity, Kagayaki attacks the falling Tzung, as does Gan Bi, who score a vicious one-two attack, slightly injuring the renowned Tzung!

Feeling weary, Tzung crushes Gan Bi with a powerful strike from the butt of his blade, and then a deadly slash across the sternum, Gan Bi winces in pain from the injury, however the two now make a final last stand, charging at Tzung and both scoring successful strong blows, creating a new special move, "Cross Strike", which finally sends the giant down to one of his knees, as he breathes heavily at the defeat of the handicap match. Tzung passes out on the floor of the arena, and Kagayaki walks over to the injured Gan Bi to make sure he is alright.

Gan Bi and Sharingan Kagayaki Win!

Kagayaki is becoming quite the duelist. What awaits him?!

Chapter 12: Rematch!

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