Chapter 1: Ping Yuan

Kagayaki: YinWei has sent me to offer my services, my lord. I am awaiting your reply.

The guards look sternly.

Guard: We can let you in, but first you've to be searched and removed for weapons.

The guards then move to search Kagayaki.

When the search was done, Kagayaki was brought to YinWei.

YinWei: Ahh, lord Kagayaki. I am glad that you've come! You have made a wise choice to offer your services here, we will surely need them.

YinWei chuckled a bit.

YinWei: Do you have any questions you might want to ask?

Kagayaki: There are none. I am awaiting my first assignment.

Kagayaki stands up, but doesn't go anywhere. He looks at some of the guards, and then back at YinWei.

YinWei smiled.

YinWei: I can see that you are indeed one with enthusiasm and determination. Welcome to Ping Yuan! The attendants will lead you to your quarters now.

Sharingan Kagayaki has been accepted into the service of Hui Zhong.

. . .

Kagayaki enters the marketplace. He has 500 Gold taels on him, and looks over the inventory. He chooses what he wants to buy and gets handed the reciept.


Level 1 Armor = 110

Level 1 Sword = 150 (One-handed Weapon, Medium Reach)

Level 1 Horse = 60

Bow = 150




This leaves him 30 Gold catties.

Kagayaki now serves a kingdom ruler. How will their meeting go? Read on.

Chapter 2: Please Wait...

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