Chapter 1: Sortie

In Yi there is a large city named Cheng Du. In it is the headquarters of it's ruler, Pang Fei. In the middle of the city is the palace. The palace is rather worn down, but nothing some time and a little effort can not fix. It has high walls and only one entrance. There are recently planted trees all around it. The day the current ruler took over the people found it to be a blessing. He has ruled them with a steady, fair hand.

A man walks through the worn down city, and approaches the palace. He spots the little trees with his green eyes, and decides to enter the hall. He notes there is only one way out, so if the need arises, he can escape. He approaches the man named Pang Fei, and slightly bows, his white hair shining in the sun.

Kagayaki: You are the ruler of Cheng Du, I presume. I am Sharingan Kagayaki, and if you can persuade me to do so, I will offer my services, and we will crush all who oppose us.

Noting that the nearby populace is unpleased at Kagayaki's words, he fastens his grip on his scythe, attempting to dissuade anyone from attacking him.

Pang Fei looks at the man with a measuring gaze. He has never seen anyone quite like him before. He believes he will be a valuable ally, if he can be persuaded.

Pang Fei: Well, there is not much I feel I can do to persuade you, except to tell you my goals. If you agree with them, you are worthy to join me, if not then I would rather not have you anyways. My goal is to bring peace to china under my rule. I wish as little destruction and death as possible, the people have been through enough already. I am always looking for strong and wise warriors to join my cause, so as to have diffrent ways of looking at how to attack the enemy. You seem to be one of these warriors, and I would gladly have you serve me, but the decision is up to you.

Kagayaki listens to the man's words, and is not at all impressed.

Kagayaki: This is what all the rulers claim. What makes this kingdom better than the others? How exactly do you plan on uniting China? The usual way of winning battles is to destroy all of your enemies. If you wish to avoid fighting, what method would you use?

Kagayaki eyes Pang Fei, and holds his scythe out in front of him, so that he may lean on it.

Hmm, a pacifist nation...this one will require work to achieve conquest. Well, either way, I doubt any of these weaklings can stop me.

Pang Fei shakes his head and sighs.

Pang Fei: You misinterpret what I mean Kagayaki. I am no fool, I know very well that battles must be fought to unite a nation. But it is taxing on both the men and myself to watch our comrades die. I need more competent leaders to help stem the casulties of war. Thes less we lose now, the more we will have to help build the future. Many do not understand this and think me a fool because of it. But I plan to show them the truth in my ways.

Kagayaki lets out a little smirk and replies, that last question seems to have just been just out of curiosity. Kagayaki: Tch, since I am already here, I will join you, but under one condition. You can place trust in me for now, but if, for any reason, I decide to take my leave, you must allow me to do so. I will not show mercy for anyone in my way.

Kagayaki bows, and takes his leave of the hall, hoping he will find something of interest in the streets.

Kagayaki has agreed to serve Pang Fei!

What will happen next! You can't and don't want to know! This ends here!

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